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RiparCover Camouflage | Camouflage Cream

Camouflage Cream

  • Dermatologically tested;
  • Water and sweat resistant;
  • It protects the skin from the damaging effects of UVA and UVB rays;
  • It effectively camouflages a wide range of skin problems;
  • It can create any long lasting makeup;
  • Dry to the touch with great smoothness and stability;
  • It evens and brightens complexion, with a natural effect;
  • Vitamin E, associated with other functional substances, has a strong antioxidant action.

Congenital, traumatic, surgical and dermatological problems or skin imperfections can leave undesirable and, apparently, indelible marks on the skin. Ripar Cover Camouflage is a multifunctional foundation of the new generation developed from the need to meet the professional demands of those who are afflicted with this type of problems, such as angiomas, rosacea, vitiligo, telangiectasia, skin discoloration, sunspots or age spots, acne, burns, stretch marks, scars, bruises, blue spots, dark circles around the eyes or tattoos.

Its formulation, suitable for all skin types, of any ethnicity, is particularly suitable for each of these needs, in order to even out the complexion of young and old skin, showcasing a healthy, bright glow and hiding, quite naturally, all those unwanted marks. The triglycerides, the functional substances and the sunscreens contained in this product have a high affinity and provide skin dermal hydration and protection.

Ripar Cover Camouflage has been formulated without mineral oils and their derivatives, free of parabens and lanolin, to treat even the most sensitive skins. Vitamin E, associated with other functional substances, has a strong antioxidant action.

Ripar Cover Camouflage is a multifunctional line that represents the benefits of Ripar Cosmetics, enhancing and illuminating the complexion of those who have no blemishes but want a durable matte makeup, without ever causing a mask effect and leaving a completely natural look.

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To make the best use of Ripar Cover Camouflage by creating a smooth complexion or hiding deeper imperfections, you can use three techniques: your fingers tips, the brush or the special sponge.

If you just want to even out your complexion, giving your face a healthy and radiant look, simply take a small amount of Ripar Cover Camouflage and blend with the special sponge: start from the chin and work up along the top of the nose, cheekbones and forehead, considering as you proceed the result you want to achieve.

Remember that cream concealers provide a natural and long lasting look and blend easily with your fingertips. Highlight your strengths and hide blemishes with ease, playing with light-dark contrasts to make your face fresh and bright. Ripar Cover Camouflage, with its range of 24 colors (light, dark and correctors), matches all color types, whether you are a blonde or a brunette, amber or fair skinned.

If you want to cover deeper skin imperfections, you can visit one of the centers recommended by Ripar Cosmetics, and follow our experts' advice in the choice of what is the most suitable color for your skin and the correct application technique.

Specific cosmetic to conceal congenital, traumatic or dermatological imperfections of the skin.
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