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RiparCover Camouflage

The RiparCover Camouflage line stems from the professional and scientific expertise of ​​a plastic surgeon and the insight and expertise of a leading make-up artist. The line has been designed and created to meet the needs of people with skin problems that cannot be corrected by common dermatological means or plastic surgery.
It consists of a range of 24 foundation colours, two fixing powders, a fixing liquid, and a series of accessories suitable for all skin types and any ethnic group.
RiparCover effectively meets the needs of professionals and individual users. RiparCover is calibrated to guarantee excellent colour rendering and high skin affinity. It will camouflage blemishes such as angiomas, blotches, redness, telangiectasia, vitiligo, skin discolouring, sun spots, age spots, acne, the result of burns, stretch marks, scars, bruises, blue spots, dark circles and unwanted tattoos.
Designed to solve the confidence issues that skin blemishes often cause, RiparCover is ideal for any kind of long-lasting make-up requirement. The innovative formula, enriched with softening, protective, antioxidant ingredients and sunscreens, make RiparCover the ideal product to prevent photoageing.
RiparCover products are dermatologically tested, formulated without lanolin or mineral oils or their derivatives, making them suitable for even the most sensitive skins. The main features of this line include:
• High skin tolerance
• Water and sweat resistance
• High-level coverage
• A feeling of brightness and naturalness
The range is also ideal for people without blemishes who nevertheless want a natural-looking, durable and opaque make-up every day or for special occasions. Daily use helps protect against external aggressions, whilst still allowing the skin to breathe naturally.