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Melasma - Chloasma

Melasma is a brown mark of variable size, caused by localised over-production of melanin in response to exposure to ultraviolet rays. It is most often found on facial skin in women of Latin or Asian origin. The exact reason for its appearance is unclear but pregnancy and progestogen drugs can increase the likelihood of developing melasma. In these cases it may also be known as chloasma. RiparCover Camouflage is very effective at covering these types of imperfection. Thanks to the titanium dioxide in the formula, RiparCover Camouflage helps provide protection from sunlight, preventing the marks from darkening.


1. Use RiparEvergreen Cleansing Milk to remove makeup and any impurities from the area to be treated.

2. Remove any Cleansing Milk residues with RiparEvergreen Toning Lotion.

3. Moisturise the skin with RiparClear day cream SPF 30.

4. Cover the darker areas with RiparCover Camouflage Cream RC19, using a cosmetic sponge, fingers or a brush.

5. Apply the appropriate shade of RiparCover Camouflage Cream using a cosmetic sponge, fingers or a brush, gently blurring the edges. Take care to avoid mixing with the underlying foundation.

6. Using a velvet applicator puff, generously apply RiparCover Fixing Powder P2 for fair skin or P4 for darker tones, and leave on for five minutes.

7. Remove excess powder with the camouflage brush.

8. Lightly spray water onto the treated area and gently pat dry with a paper tissue.

9. Spray with RiparCover Fixing Liquid for long-lasting, water-resistant camouflage.

10. If the imperfection is located on the face, complete with the usual makeup.

11. In the evening, remove camouflage with the special makeup remover RiparCover Anhydrous Remover. Place a small amount on the camouflaged area, massage gently and remove with cotton pads.

12. After removing all cleansing product residues with RiparEvergreen Toning Lotion, complete the skin regime by applying the appropriate RiparClear night cream.